Experience the Magic at the Hotel Blue Star


In an ever-expanding global palate of luxury accommodations, the Hotel Blue Star stands firmly at the enviable intersection of glamour, elegance, and serenity. Our hotel bedecks itself in resplendent decor and state-of-the-art facilities, while nesting comfortably amidst the heart-stirring landscape that morphs from verdant greenery during the day to a star-studded vault at night.

Unmatched Location of the Hotel Blue Star

Located at the heart of the capital, the Hotel Blue Star conveniently positions itself close to several important sites and prime local attractions. This makes our hotel the ideal starting point for your city exploration or a business rendezvous. Its enviable location coupled with unparalleled facilities makes it a preferred choice among discerning travelers.

Premier Luxury Accommodation

The Hotel Blue Star offers a plethora of room and suite options, each meticulously designed to provide an ultimate sense of comfort and luxury. Our rooms come equipped with smart automation control, high-speed wireless internet, ultra-HD televisions, and impeccably styled mini-bars. The bathrooms showcase a delightful mix of modern and vintage, featuring regal soaking tubs and walk-in rain showers.

Culinary Delight at the Hotel Blue Star

With an array of restaurants offering international and authentic local cuisines, the Hotel Blue Star presents an unforgettable culinary journey. Our globally acclaimed chefs curate each menu with remarkable dedication and attention to the very micro detail, using the freshest ingredients sourced locally.

Soothing Spa and Wellness Centre

Our hotel is home to an award-winning spa and wellness centre, providing holistic treatments and therapies. Qualified therapists offer a range of packages aimed at rejuvenation and relaxation, pairing ancient techniques with modern wellness philosophies.

Impressive Event Spaces

Boasting well-designed event spaces, the Hotel Blue Star can transform any occasion into a memorable one. Be it a private social event, corporate meeting, or a grand wedding, our diligent event management team ensures flawless execution.

World-Class Hospitality

What sets the Hotel Blue Star apart is our world-class service that exceeds expectations. Our well-trained and courteous staff goes the extra mile to create unforgettable moments, leaving guests with an inclination to return.

Stepping Stone to Local Attractions

The strategic location of our hotel makes it the perfect base for exploring city attractions and local experiences. Visit nearby museums, attend local festivals, and explore exotic markets replete with handicrafts, textiles, and local specialties.

Sustainability at the Hotel Blue Star

The Hotel Blue Star remains committed to building a sustainable future. We use eco-friendly practices and materials wherever possible without compromising on quality or luxury. Every decision we make reflects our pledge to conserve our natural and cultural heritage.


The Hotel Blue Star offers an unforgettable experience where luxury meets elegance; where the grandeur of architecture meets the tranquility of nature; where taste meets sensation; where hospitality meets warmth. Come, be our guest, and unlock an extraordinary get-away in the heart of the city.

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